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Saturday, 4 August 2012

"I'm all messed up & I don't wanna hurt you."

Did you see the sky today?
Did you notice that it was dark and gloomy?
A perfect mirror to my sorrow heart.
A feeling that I have been trying to hide.

Have you ever been so lonely in your life before?
Have you ever been hurt by someone you love?
Too heartbreaking to even shed a tear.
Too numb to even realize it is breaking your heart.

I have not felt anything like this since I last post up my "death certificate" over a year ago. Everything that I had managed to keep aside was back again. You know what they said about not getting to run away from your problems. But it was not me who ran away. Yet, it was still half of my fault.

Probably because I was such a coward. I could not handle another heartache. I was devastated. I hate it when people walked away from me. Walking away was a choice. It shows that I am not a good enough reason to stay. Though, it does make me wonder; Am I a good reason to stay?

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