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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

brand new world

...and devils born without horns.

another phase of life is done and gone. it seems like nothing is quite the same anymore. so many losses, so much more to explore and gain. it's getting confusing. before i finished degree, i thought to myself, "girl, you only need to drop your resumes and get on with your life". but once it came to an end, oh gosh it's for realz manzzz

i'm exposed to a whole lot of other possibilities in how to get on with my life in the future and i don't even know how to make my decision. then there's the one important thing that relates to the decision making, 


if i came from a wealthy family, none of this would be a problem at all. but my parents are not rich, we have enough. just enough. i'm now left with a handsome sum of student loan and i have no idea when the hell will i ever be able to finish paying them. so much for higher education. i wish i did well enough to convert the loan to scholarship. unfortunately, i'm not bright enough.

not just that, there are so many other things. other problems. other crappy stuffs to deal with it. people are just so complicated. maybe i'm just not meant to communicate with people. i always almost screw our relationship. or maybe it's the people who didn't even want to have a relationship with me in the first place. ah, screw this shit.


screw diz shitz 

[happy eid]

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