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Monday, 29 February 2016

Leap year.

today was supposed to be march. 

but instead it's a leap year, hence we're given another day of february to finish off things that we should have done in this month, however some of us procrastinated yet again. i know i did. gosh, i'm terrible. the queen of procrastinator. is it just me or time really has been moving wayyyy too fast? it felt like january was only last week, hell i even forgot to update my pitiful blog (where i update about my pitiful life). such a pitiful story.

but here's to a leap year, an extra day in february that we all took for granted.

here's to the beginning of march that i've been dreading for weeks.

here's to the final year project that is still waiting in line for me to actually do it.

happy belated new year?

love, b

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