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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Something for you to tell your friends.

What is it that people don't understand about loneliness? I'm sick of being told "you're not lonely if you have so many people around you." Oh boo hoo, fuck you. I am freaking lonely. You know why? Because I don't have people around me. Yes, sure, I'm all friendly. But being nice to people in social network is not the same as having people to comfort you when you're all upset and all you could do is curled up into a ball and cry.

Keep me dizzy, spinning circles around my head
Believe me that it's worth the rush,
Til we collide, with heavy hearts and open minds
I'm all by myself, don't leave me hanging
Shakin' like I've caught on fire
We all get stuck in funny ways sometimes
You and every friend of mine

What upsets me most when even my close friends are being so distant nowadays that friends feel like strangers and strangers are being more and more friendly as if they've known me my whole life. When your text messages left with no replies, your "hi" on Twitter is left like it doesn't worth a second glance, and all you could do is think of all the times you spent for them, listening to all of their problems and comfort them when they cried. I don't really have any problems to tell, I just want to have a really nice chat with my friends, but apparently, I'm not worth anyone's time when they don't have any problems to share with me.

We'll find a way, to run away, tonight
You could be my compass
Teach me how to read these broken lines
Hold me like a lover
We'll find a way, to run away, tonight

Thanks for being there for me, people. I appreciate your effort in showing me how worthless I am in your eyes. I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time to just say "hi" to me and probably ask if I'm doing okay, just like I did to you.

I don't want anyone to butt hurt with this post, because honestly and truthfully, I am the one who is deeply hurt by your actions right now. I am loved when I helped you guys with your problems. Then I exist no more. Sure, you always have better things to take care of, right? It's alright, it's okay. Your problems are above all, right?

Tell me when it's over, 
Promise that you'll always keep me in mind 
Burning like a soldier, 
I'll find my way to you and save the day

[Lyrics: Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven't Ended Yet - Mayday Parade]

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