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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pleasant surprise.

Alhamdulillah, ya Allah. 

This is indeed a great surprise. I was not expecting to get this course but God indeed has planned out the course of my future and now that it's here, I am truly glad. Though, I can't deny the university I got brought good news and bad news. I shall try to survive another four years of my life.

We'll see how it goes. 


  1. hey i jumpa u when i search bout unimap on the twitter. just wanna drop by and say hi to u. i pun bakal pergi ke unimap but course i lain. hopefully semua berjalan lancar insyaalah :)

    1. Hello, sorry I didn't notice this post.
      Kenapa tak tegur through twitter saja?
      Maybe we'll meet there. :)

  2. im too shy to tegur u through twitter.
    yeaahh off course we'll meet there.
    if jumpa tegur la ye.
    but then if u cam la kan :D

    1. Eh, tegur lah dekat twitter. -.-
      Macam mana cam kalau tak tegur. Adoi


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