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Sunday, 11 December 2011


I've planned all those sad words and crazy thoughts to be written here, but I see no points of doing that so I'm gonna write it in a simple paragraph, just to let it out and make me feel a tiny bit better.

I'm tired and done of trying. I don't want to feel this but I am emotionally and physically upset. No one wants me in their lives. I am just like a parasite, hanging on to someone who doesn't want me around. So here I am now, waving goodbye to those people. Maybe it's time for me to really grow up and leave them in the past and move on, the lonely scarred survivor. I am terribly upset this time. My feeling has crumbled to ashes and I'm not sure of what to feel or think about the current situation. My life is a failure.

I am the greatest disappointment of myself. 

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